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Welcome to the forums for the runescape private server NarvaScape version 562. Owner and Coder is Geo. Assistaint coder is Kitten. Thanks Kitten for all of your hard work !
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 Guide to 99 [Prayer]

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PostSubject: Guide to 99 [Prayer]   Guide to 99 [Prayer] Icon_minitimeTue Aug 09, 2011 3:53 am

This is not complete I will be editing in the actual guide to 99 soon.
Guide to Prayer

Wiki Guide to Prayer
To use a Prayer, players can click on the Prayer menu and Prayer spells that the player has access to will be listed. Prayers that are highlighted with colour can be used by the player, while Prayers unavailable are darkened. When a player clicks on a spell, a lighted circle will appear around it, indicating that they are using it.

For some Prayers, such as Protect from melee, the Prayer is indicated by a small icon above the player's head, to further delegate the source of the player's Prayer when in Combat.

Using a Prayer spell drains the player's Prayer energy at varying speeds, and once this energy is depleted, Prayers can no longer be used; therefore, use of any and all Prayers is temporary. To slow the rate of drain, players may equip items that add Prayer bonuses, such as a blessed holy symbol or priest robes, which reduces the drain rate by increasing Prayer bonuses. Increasing Prayer level does not reduce the drain rate of prayers.

Once the player's "Prayer points" reaches zero, all Prayers will deactivate and no Prayers will be able to be in use until the player recharges their Prayer points, through various mediums.

To recharge, players usually pray at an altar, commonly found in various cities and towns and also small villages and abandonments, scattered all across NarvaScape. Drinking Prayer potions, for example, is a fast and effective way to recharge Prayer, however, it can sometimes be expensive if used in large quantities over a period of time.


To get ancient curses, use the ::home command and go north to pray at the chaos alter, do the same in order to switch back.

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PostSubject: Re: Guide to 99 [Prayer]   Guide to 99 [Prayer] Icon_minitimeTue Aug 09, 2011 5:21 am

Amazing guides Nick. I am not reretting my decision at all !
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Guide to 99 [Prayer]
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