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Welcome to the forums for the runescape private server NarvaScape version 562. Owner and Coder is Geo. Assistaint coder is Kitten. Thanks Kitten for all of your hard work !
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 Money Gone

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PostSubject: Money Gone   Money Gone Icon_minitimeFri Aug 19, 2011 5:44 am

I filled up my inventory with the items I collected after a run at dragons.
When I banked I only had 1gp, I had about 2,050,000ish when I left to go to the dragons.
Not sure if it is a glitch or a bug or whatever but I didn't drop or spend it and currently you don't loose anything when you die.
I really don't mind seeing as I can pretty easily get it back from slayer,
but I wanted to inform everyone about it in case something similar might happen.

Oh and if it makes a difference, i got it through selling drops from abby demons.

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Money Gone
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